Chained to You: Bounded (Dark Billionaires #1)

Chained to You: Bounded (Dark Billionaires #1)

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Dark. Powerful. Dangerous.
James Maxwell is one of the billionaire elites who rule Las Vegas City with an iron fist. This is his story.

You're definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It's a contract. 

These are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing. I want to refuse his proposal, but how can I? My brother owes him two million, and as dirt poor as we are, there's no way we can find that much money to repay him. What's worse, I think I'm falling in love with the man who thinks I'm just his mistress. 

My name is Mia Donovan, a twenty-two-year-old, small town girl working as a kitchen hand to make ends meet. My world is changing-both for the better and worse. James Maxwell, a gorgeous billionaire with beautiful Prussian blue eyes, is the man behind this. He makes my heart flutter and my knees weak. When he kisses me, my world melts into a pool of exotic sensation. But his world is dark and dangerous, and being with him is a risk both to my life and my sanity. 

This is our story.


ewa_tomi ewa_tomi Oct 17, 2016
Awesome works you got Alexia....keep it up.....don't worry we got your back you will get to the peak of your career as writer .....thumbs up
heungi99 heungi99 Oct 06, 2016
Love your work. I'm super excited for this book chained to you. Looking forward to your stories Alexa
proudweirdmixer proudweirdmixer Dec 08, 2016
You are a great writer, you'll soon get more recognized than you ever anticipated for. I'll tell a friend to tell another another to tell friends. Great work.
ilovemyselfana ilovemyselfana Dec 20, 2016
I dont know why i cant find this has another cover before.. I've been waiting for updates but none come up.. Thank god i decided to go check out your profile.. Hihii.. Love u😍😍😍
proudweirdmixer proudweirdmixer Dec 08, 2016
I hope your personal issues are all settled and you're very okay now. I wish you the best of best
cutiepie4415 cutiepie4415 Dec 30, 2016
So r u going to post the books on here I'm confused in that aspect