From beauty to beast. From model to geek.
    One wrong move can change your life. For Rosalie Sylvaine, making fun of the nerds and other lower life forms in high school is a daily event. But when she picks on the wrong geek she is transformed into one herself. She is left at her blind grandmother's mansion by her supermodel mother, who can't bear to look at her. Rosalie's only chance to be herself again is to find someone who will love her by the end of the winter, even in her geeky state. Will she be able to break the spell or is she destined to be a geek forever?
I LOVE my freckles!!!!! But there are girls out there who hate the which I find weird but whatever. Great chap!
Awesome. Rather than a geek turning into some goddess, it's the other way around. And thank goodness this story has good spelling and grammar...xD
I love Beauty and the Beast and all fanfictions/remakes of it, and this is no exception. :) I didn't see any grammatical or spelling mistakes, which is awesome. I will definitely keep on reading!! :D
Mix of cliche story with beauty and the beast, interesting. I liked the new twist you added to the story and loved the description. Voted!!
@wildspiritontheloose No problem~ thanks for reading mine! If I deleted all the comments that were those default it is great comment, I would be left with yours and very few... Wattpad is so competitive these days..
AWWWW! You dedicated this chapter to me! Thanks! 
                                    And I thought I wouldn't love this story any more than I already do, hehe^