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Liam By Wolfman7903 Updated Jan 16

RWBY role play

I feel like I'm blowing up your notifications. Sorry, but I'd like to join this rp too.
Alaric was walking to the halls when he felt someone bumped into him.  He just looked at the person who bumped into him and said  " Schnee.."  Weiss then said " Sparda..."  Both look at each other with glaring daggers
TheCupcakeGeneral TheCupcakeGeneral Oct 21, 2016
Name "Jap
                              Gender "male
                              Crush "???"
                              Age "16"
                              Senlance "Healing , speed , creating eanything "
                              IQ :2000
                              Speahies "Plush fox"
                              Pearance "My individual rp boom "Plush"
                              Peronality "Dumb , idiotic , cocky somtimes"
                              Weapons "giant neddles uces for sewing"
Jaren_Bluestar Jaren_Bluestar Dec 25, 2016
Name: Jaren Ōkami
                              Age: 17
                              Gender: Male
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Aura: Blue
                              Semblance: Can increase his speed for each hit he takes.
                              Appearance: Profile pic
                              Species: Human
                              Personality: Daring, kind, energetic, joyful and cool
DannyYager DannyYager Oct 06, 2016
Can I make a char name  ken age 16 girlfriend ruby black hair blue eyes powers dbz sayain and naruto power
DillonClemens DillonClemens Oct 07, 2016
Dillon was waiting for Neo in the Emerald Forest, thinking about her and Ruby.