19 days - Set me free

19 days - Set me free

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Azako-chan By Azako-chan Updated 5 days ago

''Love is the most beautiful thing to have, hardest thing to earn and most painful thing to lose.''

Cute and cruel story of my new OTP and their true feelings for each other

NOTES: Hello to you dear, welcome to the sect of our fandom! Wait no... Oh nevermind, so my name is Berry Black and PLEASE READ THIS! IMPORTANT! (don't worry, I don't like to read notes either). I just wanna say that lately I feel in love with OldXian's work, and I totally feel in love with these two, they are so my type of perfect relationship. Anyway, this is my very first fanfic so go easy on me~ Okay not VERY very first, but first that I'm publishing. Why I decided to publish? At first I wasn't, I was too afraid that people won't like my work that much, but after I saw a post on tumbrl with a girl saying that she wished for more fanfics of this couple, I finally got that I'm not the only crazy chick begging for more out there. So for all of you hungry fangirls I hope you enjoy! P.S. I apologize for all grammar mistakes and such, even though I speak English very fluently (it's not my first language) I suck at spelling and I can be very reckless when writing. Okay that's all~ and also, follow me on AO3: user name is BerryBlack_sama , https://archiveofourown.org/users/BerryBlack_sama

I read it as 'i peed my pants' and i was like wtf. I really cant concentrate lol