Beauty 2 » Hayes

Beauty 2 » Hayes

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« you know they say

The kindest souls

The kindest hearts

Have been hiding 

The most pain.» 

: a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic sense, especially the sight
In which Hayes and Kim went their separate ways and don't talk anymore until they both see each other at a New Years party, will they get together again or forget each other every once and awhile.

Sequel to: beauty 

Started: 10.5.16
Ended: 11.12.16

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Wait, did you really think I was a slut?
                              *stops kissing Christian*
                              Well, you were right 
                              *starts kissing again*
I'm so confused if this is a story that is continuing or not...
LeniaWarz LeniaWarz Jan 29
"Am I even running through his head once in a while....."
                              *walks up* 🎶Do I every cross your mind.....🎶
                              *slowly backs away* MENDES ARMY ALL UP IN THIS PIECE!!! I REGRET NOTHING!!!!
ClassyGrier ClassyGrier Feb 07
What happened to Hayes and Kim? There never was an explanation. Can someone explain after the night on the lake, back in Beauty?
I'm confused did she brake up with him or he broke up with her?