wanted ➳ jeongguk

wanted ➳ jeongguk

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A girl name, Jihyun, also known as Hyosung, is being chased by her mother's men. She didn't want to go back home, it was hell there. She stole her mother's money and escaped her prison life. Now she's free, but in more danger than before.

A guy name, Jeongguk, is in a gang called Bts, the most dangerous gang in Seoul. No one dares to mess with them. Bts works for Jihyun's mother.

Jeongguk found out that Hyosung is Jihyun. He tells the rest of the gang . After finding out the truth, they didn't know if they want to bring her back or let her live her life the way it is right now.

Will Bts keep Jihyun's hidden from her mother? Or will Bts bring her back to her home so what called Prison? Or will they kill her mother?

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Started: 090217
Ended: 100318

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oh i dont know maybe because im fuçking hungry biTCH GET OUT MY WAY
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Annyeonghaseyo jeonun Bangtan Sonyeondan golden Maknae Jeon Jeongguk imnid- ok I’ll leave
Ermm am I the only one who realised that she didnt actually kick them at all? Like she didnt touch them?
If I were some girl you wouldn't lose your job from me or even chase me you ass