The Wolves of Echo Mountains

The Wolves of Echo Mountains

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Deirbhile By Sim-AntinI Updated May 28

*FEATURED IN TOP SUMMER READS 2018 by @werewolf, the 'Female Alpha' reading list  & In the World of Werewolf* 

"Where do your loyalties lie?"

An honest answer to what seemed like a simple question changed her life.

Ariana Romulus had every reason to be thrilled with her new life. She is Carina Haywood, living in the sun-drenched sands of sultry Miami. 

Echo Mountains are a distant memory of winter slurries that never could reach the warm shores and salty air of her new home and life. The steady caress of unceasing waves had worn down all her association to the Ferris Pack. The sandy beaches and bright sun of Miami had claimed her as one of their own and the steady lullaby of the seas had replaced the haunting echoes of the wailing winds through the snow-draped mountains.

Carina rarely even thought about her past, until the past came looking for her. She had no choice but to deal with the demons of her past while protecting the people in her present. 

What she doesn't know, is this time her choice will make or break her. 

Grappling with that dilemma, she was again, forced to confront one basic question- where did her loyalties lie?


#48 in the Werewolf Hot List on 22nd March 2018
#1 in lonewolf on 21st April 2019 
*Second Place Winner (Werewolf) World Of Champions Awards 2018
*The Choco Awards: Honorary Mention (Werewolf) April 2018
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