My Prince of DARKNESS

My Prince of DARKNESS

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Elyza Rose By elyza_rose Updated Apr 05, 2018

"Hey! You. What is your name ?",he asked me shouting.
"Althea,sir", I replied almost whispering.
"What?"he again asked me as he couldn't heard me.
"Althea,sir....Althea Ruiz Vallentina", replied almost shouting as I was so scared of his loud and cold voice and at the same time so nervous.
"Oh!God!why does this guy behaves like a beast from the hell?Why can't he behave normally?",I said to myself in my mind." But you have a crush on this beast inspite  of his rude behaviour",my mind replied and I was blushing then thinking about my Secret crush on him,the beast, the great Drake Alphieence........


Drake Alphieence, the great Prophessor  of The Arkia High School, was a very arrogant man or a Vampire. He was a rude man to all of his students and colleagues. But he had a soft great heart hidden in his hard, rough & tough soul.....

Althea Ruiz Vallentina was a great nerd. Students used to hate her but this name was one of the most favourite to some of the teachers.She was a very pretty girl that guys usually had crushes on her. But she was not that type of girl. She once used to love one who left her and then  she finally and also  suddenly started to like the great beast of their college, the great Drake Alphieence. But she also was afraid of him because of his rude behaviour........


So what will happen next?Will she be able to confess to the beast? Would the beast accept her or hurt her feelings? Would the one she loved come back? Who will her prince of darkness?!!To know what will happen next in their story please read this story..


(A student-teacher romance but it is not all. It has more of it. One last thing,story may contain steamy things.)

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Qamreen97 Qamreen97 Oct 16, 2017
I think it was the professor's voice or some guy she might have crush on that made her startled.maybe
vittrina vittrina Oct 11, 2016
Wao. She is a awesome friendly girl, I think. Happy birthday to Althea. This chapter is just too good as a new writer. Good luck, baby.
elyza_rose elyza_rose Nov 03, 2016
Thank u guys... Keep appreciating me, please....💛💛❤️❤️
attractive_poison attractive_poison Nov 14, 2016
Grt work sweetie but the vampire and human's same schl thing is little bit awkward..don't judge it,it's only my opinion