Creepypasta - Raxeanne - Book 1 (COMPLETED) (EDITING)

Creepypasta - Raxeanne - Book 1 (COMPLETED) (EDITING)

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♡COMPLETED!!♡ [Under-Editting]

Hello there. My name is Rocksy. I am an ordinary high school girl with a bunch of awesome friends, average grades and amazing foster parents. It was my perfect little world, it was calming, peaceful and wonderful.

No complications. No tears. No deaths.

Hahaha... well, that changed. IT ALL CHANGED.

I thought being called the "chosen one" by those pastas were weird enough, I thought the raw human-parts pasta was weird enough, I thought the talking dog was weird enough.

But no, my parents' death made it all fall into pieces... it wasnt weird, it wasn't strange... it was... horrifying... every limb... every part... torn apart like a piece of paper... blood like red paint was turned into a master piece on the walls.

Is it wrong to have blood on ny hands? Is this vengeance? Justice? Or revenge and bloodshed?

I don't know anymore... I know nothing anymore... all that I know of is... I am a part of this weird and terrifying household.