Take With You

Take With You

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This classroom of six trainers hold a collection of their own backstories.

At this school, Ash also has a story to tell. But, most of his stories are about his feelings about Serena from Kalos.

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Ash wasn't used to staying at home with nothing to do. As he laid there, he began to realize that he missed traveling the world a whole lot. All of the friends he made and rivals he met in each region, all of the exciting pokemon encounters, and all of the many different sights to see. From Kanto's meadows to Unova's cities.

The feeling of getting lost along a dirt path in a forest is terrifying. But when you're lost with your friends, it's a fear that you all share. A fear that turns into excitement while all physical stress seems to melt away. You don't feel the tiredness in your legs until night falls and you have to stop to set up camp. You don't feel exhaustion until you smell the food cooking over a campfire. And after a good night's sleep under the trillions of stars in the endless night sky, you wake up with your friends, ready to fear the world all over again.

Although the beautiful shores of Alola are a nice change of pace to the long stretches of forest from all the other regions, this place feels so small that adventure seems a little bit too much to ask for.

As Ash continued to reminisce about the past, his mother Delia opens the door slowly.

"Ash?" Delia's head peeks around the his door, "There's a girl at the door asking for you...

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Ash in this story is age 16, as are his classmates

[16+] Language, Suggestive Themes

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