Detentionaire x Reader

Detentionaire x Reader

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1StarCaster By 1StarCaster Updated Feb 13, 2018

First time doing an 'x reader' story. so I hope you like it. this is my favorite show and there's not a lot of reader inserts for this show. if your a big fan, then I love you. so hope you like.

there will be mature wording of course and fluff scenes or maybe 'Lemons'.

(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(f/c) - favorite color 
(2f/c) - second favorite color 
(f/f) - favorite food
(p/n) - pet's name
(e/c) - eye color
(h/c) - hair color 
(s/c) - skin color
(l/h) - length of hair 
(y/h) - your hight
(n/c) - name city
(n/s) - name state

I also take requests.