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Becoming Submissive (girlxgirl)

Becoming Submissive (girlxgirl)

259K Reads 8.7K Votes 24 Part Story
Blaine By ohmy_blaine Completed

Peyton Christina Jones and Amelia Harper Adams are very much alike but very different at the same time. Peyton is Alpha of the Red Sea Pack while Amelia is Alpha of the Blue Moon pack and they both hate each other's guts. Both Alphas are very dominant but what happens when these enemies find out they're mates. How can two dominants be mates? Which will bow down in submission?

Nights_In_Hell Nights_In_Hell Jul 07, 2016
I always find myself saying that. Hell girls start talking about boys, and I run like the hounds of hell are after me. Its like "Oh you're talking about boys...about that, if they are packing, I'll send them packing." 😂
Buz_Lietyer Buz_Lietyer Apr 01, 2016
If she was pushed from the back... Wouldn't she stumble forwards?
BlasianTae BlasianTae Oct 20, 2016
,.. naturally curly?? Is she black or mixed. Because, if I wasn't mistaken not to be rude or anything white people dont have naturally curly hair unless they put in curls which still aren't natural.
KienSwaz KienSwaz Jul 16, 2016
I like dicks but i loves tits❤️☺ #bisquaddd✊🏽😏😊
ElizaClaire8 ElizaClaire8 Sep 30, 2016
And may I ask WHY do you hate each other! I mean bro WHAT and WHERE do that hatred come from i see no reason and no point!😠 Bro just be with you mate
MiDoRi_chan1 MiDoRi_chan1 Apr 01, 2016
I realy want some good werewolve lesbian stories so I will start reed this