Alien Eyes #SupernaturalSeries

Alien Eyes #SupernaturalSeries

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Princess😘 By Princess__LC Updated Sep 11

"I dont think I can tell her matt!" Zac said his nervous out of control at the sight of bay. He had dreamed for so long of finding her that he hadnt thought it through like he should've.

"Why not? Your her guardian arent you?" Matt said not nowing why he was so nervous. He's her guardian it not like there....

Matt thought about for a second. They cant be..

"Zac?" Matt called his name questioning almost letting the question rip off his tongue.

"Yea?" Zac said his eyes not leaving bay's firgure.

"Your not ...-" Matt trailed raising a brow.

"Yup!" Zac answered finally looking over at matt's grinning expression.

"Dude thats big!" Matt said with a jolt of happiness in his voice for his friend.

"I know!" Zac said still worried.

""Wait I still dont understand why your nervous?" Matt went back to his confused expression.

 "What do mean why am I nervous? Dude I cant just go up to her like: Hi goddess Bay, I am your guardian and also your mate. Lets run away together!" Zac said sarcastically.

Being mated to a god wasnt unlikely but it sure wasnt common and that just made zac all the more nervous.

""Well why not?" Matt shrugged.

"She's a goddess!" Zac exclaimed.

"And your a vampire!" Matt shouted back.

"Your her guardian for a reason as well as her mate! Your also a vampire ansd shes a goddess. Whats stopping you from claiming that booty!" Matt addressed.

"I dont know!"


This is a story of twist and turns. Bay's just normal well thats what she thought until the unexpected happened.

She is brought with the news of being a goddess and the introduction of her new found mate. Not only that there are 3 others just like her
They were the four elements. Water, fire, earth and air.

Its Bay's, Zac And her nymphs job to find the others and save the world.

Even if this wasnt the one she was from.

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emma_1503 emma_1503 Sep 13
Omg I haven't started reading the book yet but from the description it looks like a good one 😍😍😘😘😘