I Thought You Loved Me?

I Thought You Loved Me?

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By~Eevee (thman67) 

Ash and Greninja are jealous, their crushes Serena and Braixen have found other people before they could make a move. But the only one to blame is..... themselves. They never grew enough courage to confess their feelings to the two girls, and now it was too late. Serena is dating a trainer named Ryan while Braixen is dating his Pokemon, Lucario. Now all they can do is watch. Watch their crushes slip away from them and can't do anything about it. Or can they?..... Will Ash and Greninja win Serena and Braixen's hearts back? Or will they fail, and lose them forever? Find out in this emotional and romantic book.

Cover by Braixen

Hey, why is there a waterfall? Oh, wait, those're my tears. :')
Staubach88 Staubach88 May 17
I take back what I said earlier about Ryan. He's like Gary but with more of Gary's bad side and almost no good side
Life sucks, what I learn? Never love cause life will ruin it.
HannahCuble HannahCuble May 23
Staubach88 Staubach88 May 17
Why am I seeing no problem with Ryan other than the fact that Serena was stupid enough to go with him?
Hey, life's too cruel to let you get what you want. So now it's your choice to let the world control you or make a way to get what you want. There will always be a way.