Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

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Sarah❤ By Camila_Cabello22 Updated Nov 21


"I'm not..I'm not gay, Normani. I already told you this."

But Normani was desperate, and angry-very angry. "Then why do we do the things we do, huh? Why do you come crawling to my bed, when you could be home with the next guy since you're oh so straight?"

"Because I...because it feels good.." Lauren mumbled weakly. She was already loosing the battle, but she wasn't ready to lose the war.

"No," Normani shook her head, ruffled curls flying wildly. "No, it's not because it just feels good, Lauren. Because any guy can do what I do to you. Any guy can make you feel the way I can."

"No they can't."

Normani tilted her head to the side, another ball of hot fury building inside of her. "And why not, Lauren? What makes my hands, my tongue so different from others? Why can't anyone make you feel the way I do? What is it about me-"

"I love you, okay?" Lauren shouted. "No one can make me feel the way you do, because I love you, dammit!"

I don't understand why it sounds better when you post it 😂😩. It's weird but I'm enjoying this as Laurmani. I feel like it's completely different
This is going to be so weird, but I'm going to read this 😂.
Nun_Fuck Nun_Fuck Nov 08
Who's this mark ass nigga "Julian" harassing me with these straight ppl what an abomination 😂😂