Crossdresser (Ereri)

Crossdresser (Ereri)

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Kayla~ By jaegerrbombastic Updated Oct 05, 2017

One night at a party Levi gets dared by his friends to go out in public dressed as a girl for an entire day. Levi, who is never chicken, accepts this challenge, assuming it'll be a simple task. A few days later he gets himself dressed up and they go to the mall, only to have a certain golden eyed cutie asks him for his number and a thrilled Levi gives him the digits without thinking.

The problem is Eren doesn't realize that Levi is actually a guy.

Will Levi let Eren continue to think that he is a girl or will things go too far before he gets the chance to tell the truth?

❌❎This is a mature fanfic! There will be cursing and sex. Some pictures in the sidebar will be graphic. This is boyxboy with a smidge of girlxgirl If you dont like that then dont read this. Its intended for mature readers ONLY!❌❎

~ i do not own attack on titan or any of the characters (although I would love to own levi) all rights belong to Hajime Isayama, I do however own the story line ~ 

Created: October 4th, 2016


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_Error_404_ _Error_404_ Oct 09, 2017
Hah , I'm glad that when I'm not in school I stay home , hiding under the covers with potato chip bag and watch yaoi anime °^°
Galaxy-the-girl-wolf Galaxy-the-girl-wolf Oct 29, 2017
Well how I avoid all this.
                              Step one: No make up
                              Step two: Comfy clothing
                              Step three: There isn't a law about not being able to wear bras!
                              And the boyish thing, I have been raised to be myself, i really run around pretending to be a cop or something, or i hang out with boys.
l_love_yaoi_yolo11 l_love_yaoi_yolo11 Dec 26, 2017
anime is like drugs to me, i get high just how people get high on weed 😎😂
Abusii Abusii Dec 03, 2017
Problems solutions
                              Sweat pants
                              Messy buns
Ezriaspotatoes Ezriaspotatoes Dec 14, 2017
I don't know. I really like this whole Levi being friends with Armin thing it's really unique and since they're like polar opposites I think it makes it that much more interesting
Ezriaspotatoes Ezriaspotatoes Dec 14, 2017
Easiest solution say "fùck it" and wear what you want. I don't wear makeup and nobody says anything. Jeans and sweatshirts are very comfortable options too.