Fifty for a Soul

Fifty for a Soul

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Niaa By Joyful_Pessimists_ Updated Aug 24, 2015

[Rated R for Strong Language]

    Sephi was always good at falling:she had made it into an art form.  And maybe, for $50 an hour, she would teach you how to fall from societal grace too. Vices all inclusive.  Her best friend was a man called Jack Daniels and ‘sober’ was that pesky period between one wild night and the next.

    But McMorrows -- which she was -- didn’t fall.They were near perfection. But still, the McMorrow name still held some weight to her -- getting into the hottest clubs that is. And if there’s anything her good friend Jacky Boy could convince her to do, it was to make regrets -- and one night, green devils -- couldn’t fix it. She’s faced with an ultimatum: clean up, fake virtue and marry Elijah Brenner or kiss her beloved trust fund goodbye. 

And it would have been easy.

If he hadn’t sold it for fifty too.