The Girl That Never Speaks

The Girl That Never Speaks

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Darknights_Brightday By Darknights_Brightday Updated 4 days ago

Lynn is known as the mute girl, she uses her hands to communicate with others and it has been that way for a while. It wasn't always like this, there was once a time she spoke, but nobody knows what suddenly changed that.

John is the boy next door. He has heard Lynn when she's alone in her room as she whispers to herself or sometimes sings along to music. But he has never heard her face to Face, and he wants to change that.

Cover by sparklingawintage

It's good really good a bit of typos great devolpment.👍🏻😊
XxC_MxX XxC_MxX Oct 24
Keep going! It always hard to finish your first book but once you get through it, it feels amazing!!