Dominate Me  (Manxman boyxboy MxM manxboy)

Dominate Me (Manxman boyxboy MxM manxboy)

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YourWildestFantasies By YourWildestFantasies Updated Oct 05, 2013

Prologue :
Hi my name is Jay, yeah it's a plain name and I'm very ordinary except for the fact that I just graduated college a month ago and decided to come out to my parents about being gay.
Yes, I decided since I was moving out anyway and I was 18. I wasn't afraid to be kicked out since I had a place to stay and my parents just got me a car as a graduation present. A gorgeous yellow Ford Mustang, my baby, my heart almost stopped when I first laid eyes on her.
Back to the point, that's when all hell broke loose. My parents (Well it's more my dad than my mother if I'm being honest here) decide that I'm an abomination and that I should be punished by god but I wasn't putting up with that outdated ancient prehistoric bullshit. So, guess what stupid me does out of anger and disappointment? 
I go drinking my sorrows away by myself and the next day I wake up with a sore back and marks on my wrists and ankles! what the actual fuck ?! the worst part is I don't even remember anything.
And did I just lose my virginity to a one night stand!

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lazybuns lazybuns May 17, 2014
This sounds like a juicy story!!!
                              Yeah......I'm a horny gal!!!
TotesAwesome TotesAwesome Mar 02, 2014
i actually got extremly tear espicially when Jay started crying my heart went out to him