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Memories of You and Me 「Gaster!SansXReader」

Memories of You and Me 「Gaster!SansXReader」

1.2K Reads 111 Votes 21 Part Story
Yuki By YukiZoldyck Updated 3 days ago

You're one of a few humans who studies at Under High. Despite of that, you found friends, you found love, you found memories...

Note: I know it's boring in the first few chapter, read it until the end before leaving will ya? :3c
May have lots of grammar errors cause English is not my first language. And the update will be inconsistent.

*whispers* btw, there will be smut. >;3c

TwEnTyOnEpIlOtsBOII TwEnTyOnEpIlOtsBOII Oct 15, 2016
NICE ONE!!And in my opinion i shouldve run or used sign language