Forceful Lovers (royce)

Forceful Lovers (royce)

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❣ By wavyebony Updated Dec 05, 2016

Jacob and Chresanto have been best friends for years. They used to share the same interests in girls, until it progressed into a obsession. Not with the way girls would act, they didn't care about the emotional parts of a woman, they only liked the physical. The feeling of a girl scratching at their back, screaming in pleasure, it's an obsession. A obsession that force's them to get the loving that they want, in a forceful way, together.

Until the feelings of sexual tension switch from them and wanting the girls, 

to them wanting each other.


_23savage_ _23savage_ Nov 20, 2016
Hold the actual duck up for a minute. 
angelperry___ angelperry___ Oct 11, 2016
you right, i mean you can easily be turned off but when someone feeling up on ya yo nipples be like POW BETCH IM READY FOR WAR
angelperry___ angelperry___ Oct 11, 2016
so if eight souls get stuck in there is it a pussy or the cave of lost souls i'm confused.
                              and if its hairy af is it a caveman or a pussy im still confused.