forceful lovers || m

forceful lovers || m

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m || explicit themes and words


Jacob and Chresanto have been best friends for years. They used to share the same interests in girls, until it progressed into a obsession. Not with the way girls would act, they didn't care about the emotional parts of a woman, they only liked the physical. The feeling of a girl scratching at their back, screaming in pleasure, it's an obsession. A obsession that force's them to get the loving that they want, in a forceful way, together.

Until the feelings of sexual tension switch from them and wanting the girls, 

to them wanting each other.


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It can actually make good conversation. Depends on which way it's going tho
OffbeatSam OffbeatSam Apr 26
Lmfaooo I had a whole convo with some classmates I've never talked to before about it today
Most of the time it's as fake as some of the women's cement titties
trippiekenz trippiekenz Nov 20, 2016
Hold the actual duck up for a minute. 
melaninbabyy melaninbabyy Oct 11, 2016
you right, i mean you can easily be turned off but when someone feeling up on ya yo nipples be like POW BETCH IM READY FOR WAR
melaninbabyy melaninbabyy Oct 11, 2016
so if eight souls get stuck in there is it a pussy or the cave of lost souls i'm confused.
                              and if its hairy af is it a caveman or a pussy im still confused.