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- VEE By mama_v_writes Updated Aug 20, 2012

"I want you so bad La'Jaih if only you knew how much"

I fought the temptation removing his hands from off me, then putting my hoops in my ears. He sighed sitting on my bed, his face in the palm of his hands. I didn't even know him properly, the only time we spoke was in SECRET, when he was here at the house. So why did I feel like this? Its too sudden and just isn't right. I sat down beside him confused as ever, he looked up. Them green eyes made me smile reluctantly, my stomach flattered

"Come here!"

He laid back pulling me on top of him, he lifted up my dress caressing my bottom and thighs.

"This is what I need La'Jaih, are you going to give me what I need?"

He asked rubbing my breast, breathing deeply.

"I want you, I need you and I can't help but feel this way"


"This relationship, affair, whatever you wish to call it is too risky, I can't do it, I can't be with you anymore Amahli. I'm sorry. Its just that I can't help but realise it's been 4months, what am I waiting for? I need to get on with my life seriously"

I shouted with so much hatred, venom and poison in my tone. I wanted him to understand how much passion I felt within saying that. I wanted him to finally understand. Understand how I was feeling and that I was drained, tired and was through with the creeping around...

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nevamindu nevamindu Jul 29, 2016
I love them no lie I wes sangin dat song wen it came on the radio n my momma almost smack me kuz it wes dirty 😊👅💋💦
misscookiebaybee misscookiebaybee Feb 27, 2014
I I really loved how cassidy sang to bianca.......too cute =)
Jen_Keita Jen_Keita Oct 28, 2012
girl ignore the check that commented below mine she hating cus she can't write no better lmaoo straight up HATER anyways im already lovin the story
herjoie herjoie Aug 06, 2012
Amahil pisses me off so much... I feel to strangle him.. La'jaih is so stupid... Marlon deserves better tbh... I love this story..
Alena_Sherrell Alena_Sherrell Jul 26, 2012
You are an amazing writter, i love this book && hopefully you will updated part 2 (:
JzadaJoi JzadaJoi Jan 03, 2012
The book is great so far first off I love the names Lajaih & ahmali awesome!!! Plz continue th story seems dangerous & captivating alredy plz continue!!!