Stay By My Side

Stay By My Side

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stylesapril By stylesapril Updated Jun 30, 2017

Two different hearts come as one. 
Stiles a broken boy who just left his orphanage to start living on his own and also just got into college. Luck is never on his side. All he has is his best friend Scott as his moral support. From as long as he can remember he has been on his own, no one to love him, no one to care about him and no one to notice him. But he still smiles everyday even though its fake, he still smiles. Its hard living on his own, going from various part-time jobs for money to buy his daily needs, college and other things he meets Derek Hale who shows interest in him and falls for him but Stiles thinks that its not real. Why would someone like Derek Hale fall for a broken record like Stiles?
Meet Derek Hale, A self made billionaire, gets everything he wants on a snap of his fingers, has everything he ever wanted except for somebody to love. And when he sees Stiles, a boy with beautiful brown eyes, pale porcelain skin, pink full kissable lips and a sarcastic Witt. A beautiful yet broken boy. What will happen? Can he win Stiles' heart? Can he break down the walls Stiles has built around himself for years? Can he fix the broken boy?

Read to find out.

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RoszelleHerondale03 RoszelleHerondale03 Feb 16, 2018
You go people need to learn that people love who people love.