Loving the Pharaoh

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Thannujah Mathiy By luckycharms Completed
The beautiful Nathifa has always been reaping the benefits of being the daughter of the Pharaoh's most trusted vizier. She has a rich family, a 'devoted' lover and a maid named Anat who would do anything to see her happy. 
         But when Egypt's beloved Pharaoh dies from an illness, Nathifa's father decides to give her as a gift to the Pharaoh's young Prince, now Pharaoh, Atemu, and she sees her life change forever, a fate she never wanted. 
         However, when realizing that all of Egypt is closely watching this famous couple, both Atemu and Nathifa realize that they must lie in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from the Pharaoh's conniving stepmother who is dying to ruin their name.
         Then comes Anat, Nathifa's loving maid who finds herself to be the love interest of the serious and loyal yet perverted and carefree womanizer and Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Army, Whati, who happens to be the Pharaoh's best friend.
         Whati, a man who would do anything for Atemu, doesn't see the harm in loving a servant. But that all changes when the Pharaoh's conniving stepmother, who hates Whati with a passion, finds out.
         But as Nathifa and Atemu's lie turns into the truth and Anat realizes that she is unbelievably in love with Whati, the couples are ripped apart when they need each other most after the Hittite Empire declares war on an Egypt that is ruled by a young and inexperienced Pharaoh.
         It is expected that every Egyptian is to love the Pharaoh... but Nathifa, Anat and Whati are the only ones who soon realize the challenges in Loving the Pharaoh.
By "above comment", I am referring to the comment posted by miss luckycharms. In case I did not make that clear.
^ I am a state official officer in the department of the Egyptian histories and I agree with the commentary above
Hey, Thannujah! Gotta say I really <3 this story. I <3 it so much, that I've decided 2 read it again!!! lol, we need 2 chat sometime :)
OMG. I love ancient Egypt! This is brilliant!  I was always in love with Tutankhamen LOL
@luckycharms Yeah. Its really good. You're a good writer.  I really like the characters too.
Dude that  was a cool intro to the book it grabbed my attention! LOL dude. I'm gonna drive right into this . . . Ancient Egypt  here i come!!