Dreams (On Hold)

Dreams (On Hold)

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somiwtp By somiwtp Updated Mar 09, 2019

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The time has come
For she has returned
To the place of mist and evil,

Here she comes 
to serve her people
With the greatest of her powers,

Awaited by the feared
Respected by the subordinates,

Her smile is the only key
Which opens the door to this fantasy.
Abigail Hernandez, a 17 year old high school going teenager, finds herself entangled in the lies fed by her parents-or who she thinks are her parents! When the truth reveals itself, will Abigail find her true identity, or will she be captured by the seekers of her powers?

The magical realm has succeeded in hiding from the humans since centuries. Creatures belonging to the magical realm still walk among us, disguising themselves as fellow humans. When one of them crosses paths with the sweet, yet sarcastic Abigail, she realizes that there is more to her life than she could ever imagine. She now knew, that lockets, visions and DREAMS were the only things that could keep her sanity....or were they instead making her insane?

@Ms_Horrendous says, "Wow I felt the mood of this scene, great job!"

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@teenachoudhary8 says, "Dude!....I want a bloody big chapter....the suspense kills me!...You have got all my attention for this one!...GREAT WRITING SKILLS!..KEEP WRITING!!

Author's Note : Trust me, if you love fantasy, you won't be disappointed!