The Engagement: A Lisa & Lena Story

The Engagement: A Lisa & Lena Story

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lovelelifanfic By lovelelifanfic Updated Nov 28, 2016

The Engagement 

The story is told through the eyes of a seventeen year old girl also known as you. (Note: I might switch POVs) When you were five, your mom decided to leave you, your older brother, and dad for another man. You were confused why your mom wasn't there for you growing up. Your father said she was working in another state and that she would come back once you got good grades. She never did. Your dad always worked so your brother and you were always left with the sitter until he finally reached fourteen. Sometimes your dad would come home drunk and beat you and your brother with his belt. He ended up apologizing after. It was a pattern. Drink, come home, get beaten, get apologized to, and repeat. Then, all of a sudden a woman came into his life one day and half  a year ago, changing your lives. . .

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