Conversion Academy Prompts

Conversion Academy Prompts

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Prompt: Kaz and Killian run into Aaron


              "Where are you boys going?" David asked as we went downstairs.

                I was staying at Kaz's house for the weekend, something that had become common over the summer. His parents were the nicest people I'd ever met in my entire life and I felt like I was in a cheesy 90s family sitcom whenever I was around them.

                "We're just going out. I figured I'd take Malley to the coffee shop for some ice tea," Kaz said.

                "Here, it's on me," David said, reaching for his wallet.

                "No thanks, David. I can pay," Kaz said.

                "No, no. Killian is our guest. Besides, you two helped me clean up the garage yesterday. This is my thanks," David said, pulling out some money and offering it to Kaz.

                "Thanks," Kaz said with a grateful smile.

                "You're so spoiled," I informed Kaz as he tucked the money into ...

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I don’t know if I should be like ‘well you fuucking should be’ or ‘that’s why I love him’
simply_unbalanced simply_unbalanced Aug 03, 2017
Everyone saying how they relate and here I am getting indignant when threatened and ready to take on anyone (which isn't smart considering my small stature...)
JetBlackS0ul JetBlackS0ul Aug 14, 2017
Shame on me. I've read Conversion Academy two days ago and I don't friggin remember Aaron...
DilledYams DilledYams Jan 28
I'll take what I can get, the best is hard to grip when everybody wants you, and everybody wants you. (Probably not the right lyrics, oh well)
dataam dataam Jul 31, 2017
This is something Kai doesnt have. This, whatever this habit is. I miss it. I love it.
satans_emo_polarbear satans_emo_polarbear Dec 21, 2017
Boi turning page just came on not the right time to put me in the feels