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PenumbraMINE By PenumbraMine Completed

Apostasy (noun) the renunciation of a religious belief. 
        The madness began with the monarchy. The Goddess was declared dead. He was taught to tolerate the weakness of none, and all females were weak. From beloved Beta's child to abused slave at 8, she was considered lower than a rogue as all she-wolves were in the kingdom of the Monarch Wolf. This is the story of the Moon-hating Alpha who became monarch and the she-wolf cursed to be his mate. Sometimes there is no happy ending and hope is as fleeting as a hummingbird. Sometimes you have to go through the darkness to find the light and the only light is from the eclipse of the blood moon.
        (WARNING: this story is based on my friend's true life experiences before her escape from her sadistic ex, and from her work with victims of domestic violence. It contains verbal, mental, and  physical abuse; self-harm; child-loss; addiction, murder; punishment; and suicide. This will not be a pleasant story.)
        I know it needs some editing work done and I will get to it someday.
        For My Bonny Brenda, my heart aches for what you suffered, I pray you find peace now. MM

meckymeck meckymeck Oct 04, 2016
I'm wondering if I'm strong enough to stomach what's to come?  So nervous.
stellina79 stellina79 Oct 12, 2016
This is h3ll on earth, the violence is terrifying.I hope the girls make it safely to the mountain, I would chose death in a heartbeat than staying there.
meckymeck meckymeck Oct 04, 2016
Just reading the blurb alone had me wanting more. I'm about what your friend had to endure.
stellina79 stellina79 Oct 04, 2016
I always love the way you express yourself with your words and I'm ready to get my heart broken.Love the title!!