My mate doesn't want me

My mate doesn't want me

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arialoveskpop By arialoveskpop Updated Nov 02, 2016

Hi my name is  Nicole I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters my dad an alpha of the largest strongest pack in South Korea  my mom is the legendary white wolf everything was great until it happen I was walking home from my friends house the pack house was very far away I started to walk and it felt like there was someone looking at me I turn around and I started walking faster 

Until I heard another footsteps that wasn't mine I ran and the person was running trying to catch me I thought I was fast but I wasn't he was able to tackle me down I said let me go he punches me hard I mindlink my brother and said " help" until I was knocked out

I woke up to see my family they all told me that I was in a small coma for 5 days then they told me they kill him he raped me they found me naked then they said what he has done I was pregnant I was carrying his baby

Then when I found out I started to train to be strong enough to fight back but I was careful with myself then my dad ask me if I wanted to go with him to a meeting with all the alphas I agree and that when my life change that when I met him and her.

Warning a lot of bad words and sexual content don't read it if it makes you uncomfortable

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imagen89 imagen89 Oct 10, 2016
Yes. I very much like it. But I'm just one person. But their might be more people who read your books and probably are to lazy to like and comment. But please continue even if it's only for one person❤️
arialoveskpop arialoveskpop Oct 10, 2016
Awwwwwwwwww I will thanks I just needed encouragement to continue this book @imagen89
spiderwidow spiderwidow Feb 14, 2017
I like your stories.  I suggest editing. Without punctuation, or cues there is a different speaker, the story is kinda hard to follow. Love the beginning.
chardae85 chardae85 Nov 09, 2016
Not bad may I add good chapter. But I agree with her I couldn't take a life way. But I feel bad for her when her mate rejects her
chector53 chector53 Oct 26, 2016
I agree but can always give up. not destroy an innicent life. it mag cost her mate.