Fairytale: The Punishers Mate

Fairytale: The Punishers Mate

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Gotham_xo By Gotham_xo Updated Feb 07

You've all read Fairytales growing up but what do you do when your in one?

What do you do when 500 years ago a myth was created about a Human baby girl who would be born for The Punisher Himself. 

A girl who was created as a offering; a sacrifice from the Gods to try and appease the Demon who caused havoc upon earth.

What do you do when your that baby?

Meet Blue Sutherland , the 15 year old Girl who had the fate of the earth resting upon her shoulders long before she was even born.

Meet The Punishers Mate.

This is a BWWM story so if you don't like it then adios 👋🏾


Cover made by the wonderful xXArachnidXx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ShortGoddessofFood ShortGoddessofFood Dec 04, 2016
This reminds me of 7th grade when we talked about sperm even though our whole grade knew everything about it and was making jokes about the whole thing
Fandoms_4_fangirls Fandoms_4_fangirls Nov 23, 2016
Grammar could use help. Punctuation is, majority of the time, not used correctly.
I legit saw this and almost screamed bc I thought THIS was the actual chapter😂😭😂
VictoriaLanae11 VictoriaLanae11 Oct 06, 2016
I'm excited!! Please be long updates I'm sure a lot of us here are quick readers! 😁😁❤️❤️
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV Feb 03
So shes pretty much the same age as me. Hopefully shes 20 when all the sexual stuff starts to happen, but if not, maybe the legal adult age is 16 for wherever the story takes place.
-syari- -syari- Oct 06, 2016
You should totally write it cuz i have all of your books in my reading list and library