✉ • Mystic Messenger One-Shots • ✉

✉ • Mystic Messenger One-Shots • ✉

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Weak 4 Ong Seongwoo✨ By ZAliciaCH Updated Jan 01

What else can I say? I think the title says all :)

((I'm expecting this to mainly be Zen, but let's hope that's not the case...))

• I do not own any of the art or characters, unless specified. The images used for te cover aren't mine and the credits belong to the rightful owner. Since it was linked to Pinterest, I couldn't find the name of the creator. •

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Please don't compare me to Rika, I don't care why she did those things, the fact is after everything she did I don't like her, and I hate being compared to the psychopath
HentaiDork HentaiDork Jun 07
Guys you realize rika did those things since she suffered from anxiety depression ptsd and more right ;-;
Honestly, I don't know why people hate rika. I mean, ya, she faked her own death at started some weird ass cult but, I mean, she had something wrong with her brain. It isn't her fault she is like that, its more of lifes fault
This one-shot is amazing! 
                              I just love it so much
                              I read it a lot 
                              Great job!
AirsBears AirsBears Jan 11
Me: V TRY ME. 
                              V: rika 
                              Yoosong: rika
                              Me: T R I G G E R E D *blows whistle*
RazzyDazzy07 RazzyDazzy07 Nov 24, 2016
I didn't know Rika was still classified as a mammal, the mm Fandom sees her as a snake :3