New girl

New girl

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❤️😍😘Demi😍😘❤️ By ChrisSadler353 Updated Jan 02

Ruby and her brothers move away from there home town trying to get away from there past that took their parents away from them and that scar Ruby every time she close her eyes

When she and her brothers turn up at their new school they catch everyone's attention especially the bad boy (ash)and the Queen bee (Julia). The boys want her the boys the girls hate her well apart from the bad boys sister and friends

She never felt the way she fells around ash but will she let him in or push him away

Warning-strong language 

Sorry if thinks are spelt wrong I'll try my best to fix it I have dyslexia meaning I'm not good at spelling and I'm 13 so my vocabulary isn't the best but when I i do miss spell and I know I I will please  just leave it I know your trying to help but i don't like it makes me fell more dumb then they already do so keep that in mind please 

                                                                                                                          but other then that enjoy

McKenzieGuthrie McKenzieGuthrie 6 days ago
Where are these guys at?! All the boys at my school and town are douche nuggets and to tell the truth, ugly.
el_penquino el_penquino 4 days ago
Never mind I'm American and that's probably how you soell it in Englad
I almost used a picture just like the one you are using for this book for one of my books
Aftermath23 Aftermath23 6 days ago
Is her name jade or jada because there are 2 different names for that picture
UserNameTakinByMe UserNameTakinByMe 4 days ago
19 and a father not judging have a friend that is a mom but I normally don't see this in story's
Anjie12488479 Anjie12488479 7 days ago
Why are they all so hawt can't choose which one I like  the most