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Ash Ketchum, 16 years old friendless nobody who has a big crush on Serena Yvonne the most popular and beautiful girl in whole Lumiose, of course everyone's after her and that left ash no chance

But Ash's life changes when a spirit named Greninja, a giant blue ninja human-frog with a long tongue he keeps it outside as a scarf offers him to be his SoulAlly to fight against evil darkrais escaped from his dimension that spreads chaos to make their master powerful

Ash can fusion with Greninja to gain his appearance and powers and now together, they must fight back the coming darkrais and put an end to their master's big plan

Can ash manage to fight with this evil without his teenage problems gets in the way?, is he manage to confess to Serena in all those drama?, can others find a SoulAlly and fuse with them like Ash and Greninja? and who's behind all of this darkrai attacks and what is his big plan?

find out in this new book, "my hero"

İ don't own pokemon or any other characters, they are belong to their respecrive owners

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