Dangerous Desire

Dangerous Desire

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She was their's the second she was born.

Aurora Valentine is a sixteen year old girl who lives on a small farm with her Aunt, Uncle and her two younger cousins. Rarely allowed out of her aunt and uncle's sight, Aurora spends most of her days exploring the woods and taking care of the animals on the farm. Aurora always considered her life as boring and normal, but her entire world is about to change when family secrets are revealed.

Mason, Grey and Kane are the rulers of the Kingdom Puissance. They claimed Aurora as their queen when she was only a baby. But when she was taken from them, they went mad and searched the world for her. 14 years later, they find their Aurora and she has grown into a stunning nymphet.

Skeletons are taken out the closet one by one. But these Kings lost their princess once, and refuse to lose her again.

Reread for the 17th time bc I miss your stories like crazy (:
akera93 akera93 Jul 07
Us commoners have respect you know just no bowing or kneeling involved :p
onejayD onejayD Jun 20
Ive been reading this for 1937291719 times BUT i still read 'puissance' as 'pussycane' and im going to keep it that way lol
peachesxx1 peachesxx1 Sep 15
Mhm your daddy 🤔see this is why I never call my father daddy😂wattpad has tainted us all!!!
Lmao first time I read something like this and he didn't say 'and the hell am I thinking'😂
MizzzHoney MizzzHoney May 19
But...  technically YOU guys are watching her so... 
                              Stop reading this and go back to the book lol 😁😝