Full Moon (editing)

Full Moon (editing)

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Nay By Naomi_Harris97 Updated Nov 08, 2016


Savannah moves to the small town of  Red Hawke where she used to live as a child to spend some quality time with her mother and her new husband. At first she finds the town boring and tasteless to the warm beaches of California where she used to live. However, when she makes the acquaintance of a young man named Beckett Kazimir she grows slightly more interested. 

As months go by she soon starts to puzzle the pieces together and she finds out that Red Hawke might be even more interesting that the golden coasts of California. But when she finds out a secret about the man she loves, will the saying love conquers all become reality?  

Especially when good and evil has to battle it out. 
Contents includes: 


(Do read at your own risk seeing as this book isn't really recommended to anyone under the age of 16 because of the strong use of language and sexual scenes throughout. Not to mention scenes of heavy violence and substance abuse.) 


Twihard_tvd Twihard_tvd Oct 06, 2016
Also makes the feels of twilight come back but TBH this is way better written than twilight
Lickerfish Lickerfish Oct 08, 2016
You are incredibly talented <3 ur writing is very descriptive and is filled with emotion <3 great work sweetie <3 keep it up <3 can you please check out my story I just updated it please vote for it thank you