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Where am I? || Tomoe x reader

Where am I? || Tomoe x reader

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Kawaii_Nekota By Kawaii_Nekota Updated 6 days ago

(y/n) is one of the deadliest kid in her country due to her training since she was 4 years old. Although she is dangerous, she is friendly to everyone and really smart. In every exams, she will at least get a 90+ or a 100. What happens if (y/n) got transported in the world of Kamisama kiss where she woke up after touching a tailsman. She woke up and found the one and only Nanami Momozono. As for Tomoe, he slowly falls in love with her same with (y/n). But Nanami also loves or like Tomoe. Will Nanami and y/n's friendship be broken because of that? Will (y/n) ever find her way back home or will she get stuck forever?

.......that picture isn't allowed here in germany....because of the past......because of this man....named....Adolf Hitler....he was a horrible man.... *silently cries*