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Special Elemantary School Role Play

Special Elemantary School Role Play

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HACKED By OTAKU-GIRL-HEHEHE Updated Dec 19, 2016

Let us role play as elementarians! You know what special means? You can take combat, wiradry, literature, dance, and art class for every who have a speciality in their class that they choose

I_Am_Otaku-desunee I_Am_Otaku-desunee Oct 28, 2016
Name: Fasya Mioto
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Personality: always happy, childish, and energetic
                              Weapon: Gun and Sword
                              Power: Wind, Water, healing, and Ice
                              Gender: Female
                              Species: human
                              Age: 8
                              Likes: fun things (ya know)
                              Dislikes: (ya know too)
                              Class: combat 6, wizardry 6, literature 4 and dance 3
Bookinator1000 Bookinator1000 Oct 09, 2016
                              Personality:Cheerful,outgoing,shy sometimes,kind
                              Wepon:a box that turns into a snip,machine guj,and pistol
                              Class:combat(5) wizardy(6)
betty813 betty813 Oct 09, 2016
Name: Kai
                              Sexuality: straight 
                              Personality: cheerful, kind, serious if he needs to be
                              Weapon: twin blades
                              Power: Light magic
                              Gender: male
                              Species: Angel
                              Likes: Sweets and kind people
                              Dislikes:bullies and jerks
                              Class: 4 magic and 6 combat
betty813 betty813 Dec 20, 2016
Name: Ayane Akuhei
                              Age: 20
                              Gender: female 
                              Sexuality: bisexual
                              Crush: None
                              Teaching: art, wizardry, dance and literature 
                              Likes: obedience and students that listen.
                              Dislikes: trouble makers.
                              Personality: strict, kind sometimes.
                              Power: high class magic.
                              Weapon: a wand.
AwkwardsassyBitch AwkwardsassyBitch Oct 08, 2016
Name : Aiskia 
                              Sexuality : bi 
                              Personality: shy, quiet 
                              Weapon: razor blade 
                              Power: can kill anyone who razor blades by saying " razor " 
                              Gender: female 
                              Species: human 
                              Likes : niceness
                              Dislikes : meaness 
                              Class: um 4 
                              Other: she is a orphan, was abused, she's bullied