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TomEdd Yaoi

TomEdd Yaoi

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The Dank Meme Lord Oh Lordy Good Golly Gosh Let's All Cry In Fukin Contemplation By ImInactive Updated Oct 27, 2016

S-Shut up *blushes* *opens a bottle of Smirnoff* *looks away and chugs*

I actually listen to music now to help me write TomEdd Yaoi. The theme and the music HAS to go together. Or else I won't concentrate what is happening. I'm going back on the chapters and posting the music videos that helped me.

Awww,this is so cute!But the fact that the title say yaoi...I might have to skip a chapter if their is 
                              *cough* STUFF*cough
I imagine edd uploading dancing vids to YouTube and it makes me laugh so much
GalacticBerries GalacticBerries Nov 07, 2016
Woah..this is an interesting idea!
                              Do you mind me using this idea for one of my Tomedd oneshots? It will be altered to be different from yours, though. :)
Omg, when u imagine them dancing and can't stop laughing about it. This chapter was really good though!!!
Cuppyy Cuppyy Oct 08, 2016
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