1000 Interesting Facts

1000 Interesting Facts

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Chlo-chan By Readers_Secret Updated Oct 15

Did you know that dogs don't enjoy being hugged?

Did you know that an octopus has 3 hearts?

Facts, facts and more facts!

This book is filled with facts -  1000 of them! Read and learn! Annoy your friends and family with many "Did you knows". 

Facts range from candy to pizza, from funny to freaky, from dogs to spiders!
Fill your brain with 1000 interesting facts!

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Then how does he eat cereal and rice, and well not soup cuz he could drink soup
I remember reading this one. Funny thing,I just woke up so I ate 8 spiders lmao.
Just imagine going to a drug dealer and getting paper money instead of cocaine.
I use paper a lot. Looks like my friend Rose (she ate paper once) took drugs o-O
KingCookYT KingCookYT Mar 13, 2014
Actually, a dream lasts about 2 seconds, but time is stretched is your brain. So sorry, but that is incorrect.