First Impressions (Nagisa Shiota x Reader)

First Impressions (Nagisa Shiota x Reader)

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Don't judge my title. I couldn't think of any thing else except for 'Crossdress' or something like that and I didn't want it to be called that. So here you go.....

~14 years ago~

She held the tiny baby in her arms, rocking at a steady pace. She was overjoyed to have finally had a child, but was disappointed that it was a girl. She had been hoping for a male baby for a while, imagining him as a prince who was good at everything, but that all went down hill when she had been corrected by the nurse that was taking care of her. 
She watched as the baby's eyes fluttered open to reveal an extravagant sea of (e/c).

"(Y/n)~" she cooed, smiling at the pale child. Her husband was sitting next to her, watching intensely at the scene unraveling before his eyes. He held up a black camera with silver outlines. They were never going to forget this day.

~Present Day~
(Y/n)'s P.O.V.

I slung my legs over the side of my bed, today was another long day of being homeschooled....