A Hunger Games: To Win or To Die

A Hunger Games: To Win or To Die

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Mr Bean By FrizzBlue Updated Jan 06, 2012

The hunger games. A place of death, fight, trust, betrayal, lies and murder.

Twenty-Four unlucky teenagers are picked every year from each district to play a game to the death. Televised all over the country, the winner goes home victorious with more riches then they could ever use. While the losers...never come home.

One year ago Lexis was picked as a tribute but her best friend volunteered in her place and since then Lexis hasn't uttered a word. Then, to her horror, she is picked once again in the following year, this time nobody is there to save her. But she is not going in alone, her older brother, Clay, will compete alongside her. 

This is the unfortunate tales of an unlucky girl who follows after her best friends brave footsteps. But she better step carefully, there are many tricks and traps along the way.

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Cuddly_Kaily Cuddly_Kaily Sep 16, 2013
This is awesome! I'm reading Mocking jay right now, and I absolutley CAN NOT wait for the second movie!!!! I saw your description and I'm like: HEH-LLO! Now that sounds awesome! I seriously LOVED this chappy ;) It felt like I was actually reading the hg!!!! Awesome... just pure awesomeness ;)
MKBackstrom MKBackstrom Jan 20, 2012
Well, the Hunger Games are my favorite series, so I was into this from the get go. Your writing is very clear as are your grammar and punctuation (rarity on wattpad). I'm not usually into fanfic, but I'm voting for yours b/c it is unique and well written!
Direwolf_ghost Direwolf_ghost Jan 19, 2012
Another well written chapter, with good descriptive text. Good job.x
Direwolf_ghost Direwolf_ghost Jan 19, 2012
Sounds good-a great start. I have not read the Hunger games, but your writing style is good and flows well.
FrizzBlue FrizzBlue Jan 09, 2012
@Carebear101 I know the grandmother thing is a little silly but I couldn't think of another mentor. Thanks again
Carebear101 Carebear101 Jan 09, 2012
Again its going really well. I was surprised that it was their grandmother and its a little unlikely but I guess it will add flavour. 
                              It sounds good, you've been writing pretty fast too.