a Harry Potter the next generation story (COMPLETED)

a Harry Potter the next generation story (COMPLETED)

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Martha By YouKnowMeAsThatGirl Completed

this story is basically about the children of the characters of Harry Potter.

they live the their lives on Hogwarts with enough Drama.
getting drunk, taking revenge, doing stupid things.
it's basically living like a teen. :)

this is the old story of RoshanHPNerd.

disclaimer: I do not own (most of) the characters of this book.
they belong, just like the other Harry Potter characters, to J.K. Rowling :)
I only own a few of them. you'll find it in the book.

all the pictures and videos are from google images or youtube..

Purpleleaf8 Purpleleaf8 Sep 05
Alice Longbottom actually belongs to J.K. Rowling since she is Neville's mother.
Astoria would literally die if she had to deliver two children but whateva
Em albus is actually 2 years younger than James cause in the epilogue James was in third year and albus was first year
Of cordelia isn't a constellation you just ruined the Malfoy tradition
Death scorprose!!! Whyyy I was always a Malfoy fan but never liked weasleys(expect Fred and George)and now this
Scorpioius is in Griffindor and albus is 2 years younger than james