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Hannah La'Shay Coffman By hannahlashay Completed

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  Isabella is a small town girl moving to the big bright city of New York. 

   Liam is a big time boss with a heart of gold. 

    When the two meet, it's instant sparks, magic and all that other cheesy romantic bull. As they fall hard and fast with each other, Isabella is dragged into a world she didn't know existed, yet has always been a part of. Mystic beings, demons, ancient curses and different dimensions all play a huge roll in the journey that must be completed in order to find out who her true self is, and to stop the evil that would take away their most precious gift. As if that isn't enough, add on the nightmares with cryptic messages, an elf with way too much sexual magnetism for his own good and a big, bumbling golden retriever named Rango with strange abilities of it's own and a knack for breaking things. 

It's a journey of self discovery, battling demons, (both figuratively and physically), sacrifice, love, loss and delving into the past to protect the precious future. 

Disclaimer; I do not own the cover photo and do not claim to. I'm simply using it because it's perfect. I do however own this book and it's contents and it is protected under the copyright laws ©2013 Anyone who violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner or of the author (me) as provided in section 106A(a), or who imports copies or p iolation of section 602, is an infringer of the copyright or right of the author. 

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ohhayitshaley ohhayitshaley Dec 19, 2016
Everything up to this point describes me perfectly except for the weight and the name.. wtf.
Makayla_Glory Makayla_Glory Feb 06, 2016
My boyfriend has the same type of eyes as her!! 😳😳😍😍
writerERyan writerERyan Dec 29, 2015
I read all of Rescued but I'm not sure why my votes never showed. I read this over a year ago and loved it!
Crimson_Demon Crimson_Demon Mar 10, 2014
I really enjoyed it so far! Though I might say, your vocabulary is so intimidating! This is definitely one of the most mature and well written books I've read so far on wattpad.  Amazing job. BTW I am so loving Liam already. But I'm afraid my age gap is far too wide for him ;)
hannahlashay hannahlashay Oct 14, 2013
@AshleyMullins :))) I'm so glad you're reading it lol love you!
AshleyMullins AshleyMullins Oct 13, 2013
finish it girl! i like it so far. i wanna know what happens. the overall story from the preview sounds like a great story.