Hamilton X Reader ||Various Characters||

Hamilton X Reader ||Various Characters||

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Emily/Alexander By Pigtail-Peggy Updated Jan 28

Prompt 6: Delete that now! 
Requested by: iiPigtailMargaritaii 

I woke up and looked at my clock to see it read 1:30. 
Oh my god I practically slept all day  
I got out of bed and walked into the living room.  I didn't bother to change it brush my hair. BIG mistake. I could see my boyfriend/ roommate, John on the couch. Looking at his phone or whatever. 

"Hey babe" I said yawning. 

"Hey baby girl." He looked up from his phone and burst out laughing "Oh my lord y/n your hair!" 

I looked in a mirror I kept in the hallway. What? I got to keep one there to make sure I look nice when I'm going out! And I had to of had the worst bed head EVER! I turned around to look at John who was back on his phone still laughing. 

"Eh I'll fix it later" I said and yawned. Click!  He didn't..... did he? John started laughing even harder. He did. 

"John did you just take a picture of me?!" 

"You know it!" He laughed. "And I'm not getting rid of it!" John got up and ran. 


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RoseWafflecatt RoseWafflecatt Apr 02, 2017
Don't worry, I don't think many people reading this will be in college, and if you are, well hey I guees.
chaeyoung- chaeyoung- Nov 07, 2017
                              I actually have this thing where I refuse to brush my hair unless I'm brushing it because I just took a shower. And I take 2 showers a week. So...
                              HISS NO
MondaysAGlitch MondaysAGlitch Nov 02, 2017
No, and you know why, because you've invented a new kind of stupid, a damage you can never undo kind of stupid, an 'Open all the cages at a zoo' kinda stupid, "You truly didn't think this through" kind of stupid.
DivyaIsa DivyaIsa Dec 12, 2017
I acually have pretty decent hair when i wake up
                              I consider my hair to be my best feature next to my eyes
2Dobsessed 2Dobsessed Mar 03
If it was an iPhone there’s a recently deleted folder so it would just be right there and when we’re gone he could just restore it XD
BitchyBi BitchyBi Aug 09, 2017
HA! I slept till 6:00 pm today. Nothing can compare to that.