I'm a Cop (ManxBoy) Book 3

I'm a Cop (ManxBoy) Book 3

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Walker D. By KawaiiArtsy Completed

Eric the cop we all know and love. Okay we actually don't really know his life. So why not tell it now? All you really need to know is-

"I'm a cop and I'll kick your ass if you touch him again." Eric growled stepping in front of the guy only for him to smirk.

"You really wanna lose your badge?" the guy asked playing with it then tugged it slightly before letting go. "Then come at me."

As a cop sometimes you have to forget about your pride and forget about what you want to do. But what's the right thing to do?

Cover made by~ icoboc

So wait who are the two kids apparently having "to late sèx"??
Don't mean it in a bitchy way I promise, just thought it could help the author while they're editing this and make their job a bit easier. You're^ xox.
ILoveMyBear_2004 ILoveMyBear_2004 Oct 27, 2016
Maybe he and that rich kid r the main and u know what i mean
Armistice2 Armistice2 Jan 06
Why do I feel like all of these books feature characters from other books? 😂
Zauberer2016 Zauberer2016 Oct 08, 2016
So I see you decided to work on something different.
                              That Eric is a bit annoying, but I guess that's all part of his job...
                              But then again, he also seems to have fun it it.
                              Overall, I don't find it too interesting yet, but I think it is well written.