The Fighter (COMPLETED)

The Fighter (COMPLETED)

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S E M I - C R A P P Y   W R I T I N G !   W R I T T E N   W H E N   I   W A S   1 3   Y E A R S   O L D

Jade Celestia Marine is a werewolf, or she once was...   

She wasn't your typical blonde haired girl, hourglass body, thousands of friends... no, she was the pack's mutt. She had accepted the fact that no one will ever like her, heck, she even knows that her mate will reject her but there was still a tinge of hope bubbling inside her that he wouldn't reject her but alas, they met and not much to her surprise, he rejected her.

Having enough of all the bullshit she went through, she runs away and stumbles into the territory of the most powerful werewolf pack that specializes in assassinations. The leader took a liking to her and adopted her as his daughter. And as the years went by, Jade changed for good and became an assassin herself, one of the strongest ones alive but still not up to par with some, and her abilities aren't the only things that has changed about her and you will know what as you read her story.    

What about her wolf? Did she really leave her host? Or, has she gone to a deep slumber after the rejection they have faced? But what happens when her ex-mate seeks their help? Will she run away again or will she face her ex-mate and show him what he's missing out on? Well, there is one thing she is sure about;

Paybacks coming and it's gonna be a total bitch.

(Pictures used for the cover are not mine, credits to the owner)

  • alpha
  • assassin
  • blood
  • chance
  • change
  • daggers
  • guns
  • knife
  • love
  • mate
  • rejected
  • second
  • secrets
  • sicknes
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loveableirwin loveableirwin Jun 20, 2017
You keep mixing jasper and her brother up?? Is jasper her fûcking mate or brother
monica4840 monica4840 Apr 09
I almost flipped when I thought it said "Salvatore" cuz I watch Vampire Diaries and Damon AND KLAUS IS MINE AND I WILL FIGHT U IF U THINK OTHERWISE okay dont mind me
-badhabits -badhabits Jun 26, 2017
"I mean, I'm a guy, I have needs" Will you shut the fvck for a second. Bish, I need to slap your face with a brick.
Tracey10161969 Tracey10161969 Aug 03, 2017
Whoa !!! She can pick up a car and throw it ?!?! And she is a runt ?!?!. Hell yeah !!! Good for her.
Nyrala Nyrala Nov 16, 2016
You're only a bully if you hurt innocent people that've done nothing wrong to you or anyone. So hurt your bullies, girl, and smile! (:
spreadthejams spreadthejams Apr 03, 2016
Its like everyother story rejected,trained, revenge o sometimes not