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once upon a selection [closed]

once upon a selection [closed]

1.8K Reads 120 Votes 20 Part Story
The Fools Who Dream By LikeTotallyTubular Updated Dec 18, 2016

Looking for editors and a banner/cover created 
    Not many people have the time to write a complete chapter for a writing contest, but with this selection, you don't have too. Depending on the challenge I assign you with be either writing a short blurb or role playing. I will form the chapter and we'll see where the story goes. For once, you'll here everyone's story, instead of just the winner.

THEBAE404 THEBAE404 Oct 03, 2016
Username - @THEBAE404
                              Character name - Paige Gray
                              Age - 16
                              Province - Clermont 
                              Preference - Roleplay
nasags nasags Oct 11, 2016
User: nasags
                              Character: Roseus Slytherina 
                              Age: 16
                              Province: Labrador?
                              Rp or Blurb: both.
EpicMorninglory EpicMorninglory Oct 03, 2016
Is a blurb just like a few paragraphs? I don't really get exactly what it is...
EpicMorninglory EpicMorninglory Oct 04, 2016
User: EpicMorninglory
                              Character: Quinn Falon 
                              Age: 17
                              Province: Zuni
                              I like both so either.
ObssessedRavenclaw ObssessedRavenclaw Oct 09, 2016
User: ObssessedRavenclaw
                              Character: Annabelle LaMotte 
                              Age: 17
                              Province: Calgary
                              Preference: I would rather RP
babe_tae_ babe_tae_ Oct 04, 2016
Username: babe_tae_
                              Character name: Felicity 
                              Province: Yukon 
                              Role play or Blurb: Either or