Miraculous Sin(Back!!!)

Miraculous Sin(Back!!!)

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Zea By Chrystal_Lover16134 Updated Mar 05, 2017

There was a knock at Marinette window seeing a flash and there she saw Adrien.

"Are you're parents home?"asked Adrien.
"No I own the house  I'm 18 now you know." 
"Of course princess"said Adrien.
"Aren't you gonna fine your lady?"

"No I already found one and her name is Marinette"
Marinette blushed.
Adrien smirked 
Marinette rolled her eyes"well need to shower do whatever"

Adrien had to ask"may I join?"
Marinette blushed and nodded. 
marinette and Adrien took off each other clothes on Marinette looked directly at Adrien eyes stepped closer and kissed him adrien was surprised but kissed back.

Adrien picked up Marinette as Marinette put her gentle to his boner wrapping her leg around him.

Mari pov

It was amazing his lips into mine it felt like heaven. Then I remembered about tikki and plagg I hope there not watching I know Adrien identity no but he doesn't know my but I put that out of the side. Adrien put me on my bed he had his boxer on and I my panties which were black and white...

when i saw the title i immedietely skipped to the end (comment section)and read the hell you guys went through
Dad walks in too see a dead body a knife and a watt pad window open on the iPad
I saw chloe x adrien and im like nope skipping to next chapter so idk how bad it is lol
akira_silver_star akira_silver_star Aug 24, 2017
wait does that mean Adrien's not in the v-club(with me) ???!!!
KisaraaYTB KisaraaYTB Jun 19
I haven’t read the chapter yet ... and low key don’t wanna when I saw the title 😅
MarichatLyfe MarichatLyfe a day ago
Does anyone know a good therapist?
                              Cause I’m gonna need ‘em.