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Halo RP

Halo RP

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Versa Mizzy By Unsmartphone343 Updated 3 days ago

Just a nice rp story that will never close also leave a suggestion for any scenarios you would like to see!

readdaer33 readdaer33 Apr 30
Name: Perdrio
                              Age: 40
                              Gender: Male
                              Rank: Soldier (Has been doing this for about 2 years.)
                              Armor: Red and green stalker armor.
                              Bio: Just a soldier who wants to fight.
                              Weapons: Spartan Laser, combat knife.
Spartan0371 Spartan0371 Apr 29
Name: Alex 
                              Age: 20
                              Gender: dude
                              Rank: was a captan but was demoted
                              Armor: scout
                              Bio: trains in master chef's treat but did some things to tick off the higher ups and was demoted
                              Weapons: two smgs, multiple grenades and knives, and a battle rifle (but can adapt)
blastercrow blastercrow Apr 21
Name; drago Vern 
                              Age; 18
                              Gender; male
                              Rank; recruit 
                              Armor color ; black an red 
                              Bio; his father died on a mission an he took himself to join the UNSC an he trains to be his best like his father 
                              Weapons; M90A TACTICAL Shotgun, an carries an engery sword
braycay braycay Dec 22, 2016
Name: Nick 
                              Gender: male 
                              Bio:likes to talk 
                              Weapon: dmr and magnum
killergrall killergrall Nov 16, 2016
Name: Cole
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: male
                              Rank: rouge(he will help if he gets caught in cross fire)
                              Armor: black with red details
                              Weapon: combat knife, m66 magnum, and a assault rifle
_The_Glitch_ _The_Glitch_ Nov 01, 2016
Name: His Name Is Unknown (Alexander Degtyarev)
                              Age: 34
                              Gender: Male
                              Rank: Rouge
                              Armor: (Pic)
                              Looks: Unknown
                              Personality: Plain old loner
                              Weapons: Duel M7 Caseless SMGs