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Just Straight Friends? || Dan and Phil

Just Straight Friends? || Dan and Phil

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xphanficx By joeyggraceffaa Updated Feb 16

Dan and Phil have been friends forever now and have always been close. Close to the point where everyone, including their family's, are suspicious about them, but they are both straight. They claimed it many times that they both like girls and truly believe it, but they both also struggled when it came to girls. They didn't know how to impress, kiss, touch, and please a female. They both figured that they were just bad at this kind of stuff, so they decide to practice on each other because platonic straight friends kissing and fucking each other doesn't mean anything right? 

"This doesn't make us gay right, if we teach each other how to kiss and practice on you?"

"Of course not, we're friends and straight."

"No homo?"

"No homo"

maimay279 maimay279 5 days ago
im now imagining him picking up phil like in pinof and saving him from the burning building lol
dnpreader dnpreader Feb 18
It's totally normal to get the sudden urge to eat the fabric of someone else's clothes
dnpreader dnpreader Feb 18
Don't worry Dan. You will be blowing something else later ;)
dnpreader dnpreader Feb 18
Or you know, you can forget about her and date someone else... Someone who you are close with... Someone sitting right beside you... Someone you are about to get fücked but based on the titles of later chapters
AcceptedByPhan AcceptedByPhan 5 days ago
This gave me flashbacks of when one of my friends who is friends with this other girl who had a crush on me went over her house and the girl who liked me practiced asking me out. The next day my friend told me and I cringed so hard. I was and still am not into her.
Just guys being guys (when I wrote guys it autocorrected to gays)